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we're the catalyst that brings consumers to your brand


International Manufacturer’s Representative Firm, established in 1995


Why would my brand need an International Manufacturer's Representative Firm?
glad you asked... 

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With increasing competition stagnating Domestic Retail Markets, many companies are looking to capitalize on the growing International Retail Markets.


However, in most cases, these companies do not have the knowledge, experience, contacts, staff, or time necessary
to successfully compete
within the international arena.

Thus, these companies are forced to stay within Domestic Retail Markets by appointing International Distributors arbitrarily ~or~ increasing overhead by hiring senior management or staff to handle their International expansion...

We thought so. 
Here's where WE come in...

is an international manufacturer’s representative firm that specializes in helping USA Health & Beauty Care (HBC) companies increase sales volume by creating brand recognition Internationally.

Our organization works on behalf of the brand to develop international strategic alliances via Distributors, Joint Ventures, or Licensing Agreements. As a result of our global capacity, or networkwe have the contacts, knowledge & commitment necessary
to ensure your success.

We help increase sales & profits by providing, and implementing, a simple international business plan that remains consistent with your company philosophy, entices consumers to purchase your brand, and provides a road map to ensure future success. 

RedbirdInternati nal (2).png

behind the name

a Redbird (a.k.a. a Cardinal) is known as a sign of good luck. They symbolize hope, bold change, and abundant blessings and are often used to signify positive spiritual signs. 



If you were looking for a sign to grow your brand on a global capacity, this is it.
Come work with us!

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